Friday, July 6, 2012

Jilly Bean aka "Mom's Special Girl"

Due to their lifestyle since puppies all of my dogs are very adapt at going with the flow. It seems like no matter where we are or what we are doing they just adapt and take everything in stride no matter how odd or sudden the change is. This was particularly noticable over the past month of traveling all over the eastern half of the country. We traveled from Mississippi to Vermont, stayed in more than 10 different places over the month - motels rooms, motor home kennels, car, dog trailer, other people's houses.... We also had several unscheduled stops and changes due to car trouble. On top of that they also hung out during the day in the dog trailer parked next to multiple firing ranges at the FBI Academy for two weeks. There's probably not a caliber of weapon they havent heard fired by now.... Nothing phased them - they even accepted an intact male malinois that is with me for training into their group without a ripple. dog (even though I can't take credit for raising her from a puppy) gets points for being extra extra good. Jilly Bean aka "mom's special girl".

Not enough room in the crating area of the motor home for all the dogs? Jill gets left out.

Can only take one dog into the hotel? Jill gets to go...

Only room in the Jeep for one dog? Jill's my girl....

I was looking at her today and said "Why can't the rest of the dogs be as well behaved as you?" And I swear that I heard a voice in my head say "Because then you wouldn't appreciate ME so much!"

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