Monday, October 1, 2012

Keeping a dog from chewing a bandage: Patent Pending...

Like everything in life, there is always more to learn in dog training. At this point I don't feel like I am coming across brilliant new ideas on how to do things but rather constantly considering (but not always accepting) the way people do things and then determining if they fit my training goals and philosophy. You can learn something from almost everyone, even if it is seeing a perfect example of how I won't train or how I don't want my dog to look while he is working. Interestingly I find that it is quite common to come across people who have independently had the same "original idea" that I had. This is particularly so when I share a training philosophy with someone.

However I do have one original idea and have yet to see anyone else use it. A little background first though:

While I was away in Australia Jill, in her boredom developed a small little lick granuloma on her front paw. Whether she did something to the paw and then created the granuloma by licking it, or she was just bored and felt the need to lick her foot, I am not sure. However once it starts it is easy and tempting for the dog to keep licking it. Even a super good girl like her. This required a bandage to keep her from messing with it while it healed (which it is doing nicely).

Step One: the Vermont staple for all injuries. Bag Balm. My ex-father-in-law once practically cut his thumb off with an axe. His doctor was amazed at how well it had healed - to which he admitted to a liberal use of bag balm on the injury.I don't know exactly why but its magical....

Step Two: non stick pads to keep the bandage from sticking

Step Three: strips of vet wrap go over the pad. Then covered by adhesive tape strips.

Step Four: And finally the secret ingredient. Baking Soda and Peroxide Toothpaste.
Dab some onto your fingers and wipe it over the top of the adhesive tape.

Don't ask how I discovered this but it works very well keeping dogs from messing with bandages and anything that allows them to avoid the "lampshade" is a good thing!

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