Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's that time of year again!!!

We have an annual tradition every year a few weeks after Steel's birthday. The start of this tradition is a long story involving a $14.00 plastic pumpkin, lots of driving in circles, Tylenol with codeine and a tiny little puppy that I had no intention of taking home....That day ended with this pic...I was toast and the puppy went home with me a few weeks later.

So it has been an annual tradition to update the original pumpkin picture.
This year, in light of our achievements over the weekend I came up with this brilliant idea:

Steel however, being his father's son, was less than amused.
To him this was a waste of a perfectly good pumpkin (and ribbon).
Don't you just love the pained look on his face?

He did hold his stay though and of course I had to reward good behavior
(plus take about 200 pictures)

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