Friday, February 15, 2013

Where Am ?!

We are back to traveling again. So far I have not had any disorienting moments like I had last year when I had a brief moment where I could not remember where I was. As in what state am I in?? Who knew the life of a dog trainer could so closely resemble that of a traveling musician??

Anyhow, several people have asked me where I am going to be and about my availability for private training and clinics . This seemed to be the easiest way to answer them all in one place. Traveling quite a bit for work with scent detection schools and seminars but I do have some time available for teaching. Training available includes tracking (private or clinics), detection, performance coaching/problem solving (privates) or help working with reactive dogs (privates).

Those who are interested can contact me at: LAN5@SOVER.NET.

My current 2013 schedule:

February 4 - 25 Maryland
Detection Trainers Course; law enforcement

February 24 - March 01 North Carolina & South Carolina
private training classes
March 04 - March 22 eastern Virginia
Detection Trainers Course; law enforcement

March 25 - March 30 western Virginia
private training classes

April 08 - 11 St Louis MO
Working Dog Conference

April 15 - May 03 Indiana
Detection Trainers Course

May 06 - 24 Illinois
Detection Trainers Course

June 03 - June 21 Illinois
Detection Trainers Course

June 25-27 Colorado
Detection Trainers Seminar

July 12-14 Wyoming
Tracking/Trailing Seminar

Sept 06 - 08 Michigan
Detection Trainers Seminar

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