Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

The pups and I spent a quiet Thanksgiving Day here in Mississippi. I worked a bit this morning and then Jill and I went for a run. We felt pretty smug getting our 6 miles in today, the bike path was all but deserted. Go figure? Amber talked me into doing a little bit of training in the yard, she has discovered that if she "shows" me where the tennis balls are I usually can't resist doing something with her. I just wish she would cleverly figure out that the quicker she does her business out in the yard the sooner I will play with her.  Amber is easy because she doesn't know anything, so it is not hard to find something to teach her. Today we did a little bit of jumping and she was introduced to weave poles.  If the perfect right home comes along for her I think she would make a pretty fun agility dog. She has not been out in the world much however and the world is brand new and sometimes a little bit scary. She has made great progress in the past few weeks. Mr Crazypants Steel also got to do some obedience training - he was VERY up and bouncing and made me laugh as usual.

I hope everyone (well at least the people in the states) had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.

I am grateful for my (far away family)....

my (mostly far away) good friends....

and my (very close) dogs....even the new one.

 I also have to admit that I am grateful for Mississippi weather as well as a work schedule that allows me to get enough sleep and to be able to exercise regularly.

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