Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Noscha!!

This is Noscha! She turned 13 years old today and except for being a little bit slower and a lot more grayer, she is still going strong. She was buddies with both Dugan and Bevan. She is a retired police dog and also shared a lot of trainings with Calix.  He was too much of a jackass though for her to consider him her buddy, she likes men with a little bit more sophistication and better manners.

I always thought she looked a bit like she REALLY does!

Her handler Kim is a law enforcement officer for the US Forest Service and she now lives in Washington State. We worked together in Vermont, half of my Town was National Forest lands so we saw each other quite often.

Noscha didn't get a lot of deployments over her long career but she was with Kim on every shift while they worked alone out in the middle of nowhere. Noscha is a sweetheart but did not hesitate to announce her presence in Kim's vehicle when necessary. Noscha was also more than willing to show that girls could to be police dogs and bite just as hard as the boys to anyone who wanted to be her decoy.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOSCHA!!! You are a teenager now!

Who are you calling old??

Dugan and Noscha hiking to spruce peak together years ago.

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