Monday, December 12, 2011

It's not a drug deal....really

The little female rottweiler puppy looking for a permanent home is on her way to Florida!

Here is how it all worked out, thanks to the power of the internet. I posted her pic on Facebook and Mike, one of my former SAR teammates in Vermont, knew someone in Florida who had just lost her 12 year old rottweiler and she wanted a pup. However she was 13 hours away - too far to drive in one day.

I then posted the dilemma on a private rottweiler discussion forum and Kathy, who had just been in Texas showing her dogs, knew a dog handler headed to Florida. Ashley was leaving this morning from Dallas, headed to Orlando and said she would be happy to pick the pup up on her way through Jackson.

So the pup's "foster mom" delivered her to me this morning and I arranged to meet Ashley south of the city at a Mc Donalds off of the interstate.  I arrived about 20 minutes early and after a few laps of the parking lot (it was also a truck stop) settled in a spot where I could see the exit ramp. I had no idea what kind of vehicle she was driving but I knew it was big enough to hold a lot of dogs - so I was guessing motor home or big van.

I am sitting there with the engine running, watching the interstate, when I notice some activity across the parking lot. Three guys wearing body armour over their civilian (undercover) clothing, firearms in holsters, were walking a handcuffed woman to a nondescript vehicle.

So having been in law enforcement for a while, I got to thinking about my situation....

So you're waiting for a woman to pick up a puppy?
Where does she live?
I am not sure....
What is her last name?
I don't know....
What kind of car is she driving?
I am not sure.
Who is getting the puppy?
A woman named Penny who lives in Florida.
Where does Penny live?
Somewhere near Venice....
Have you ever met Penny?
Have you ever met Ashley?
How do you know Ashley?
A woman named Kathy gave me her number.
Have you ever met Kathy?
Is this your puppy?
No. It belongs to a woman I met in a vet hospital parking lot...
Is this your car?
No it's my boss's.

Add that to the scrap of paper with people's first names and random phone numbers on the console and the fact I probably wouldn't be able to find the registration or insurance - I am so stuffed into the back of that camry in handcuffs. I mean seriously, who would believe such a story?? Lucky for me I obviously got there AFTER the undercover surveillance was over....

I am headed to Florida....Lucy is going to jail....

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  1. that is so funny, I can totally see how that could have gone very bad :)