Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Calix, bred by the wonderful Sue Coppola and Mary Davis (http://www.doggear.net/webusers/kennels/gsdk9/index.html) has been an awesome dog to own train and handle. While he has never come by self control naturally and his default behavior is to act upon a thought the minute it occurs to him, he is the ultimate in high drive and is up for anything anytime. Infamous for his "crash and burn" episodes, although he is retired now, he is still plowing through life at warp speed, often resulting in visits to his favorite chiropractor for adjustment (re-assembling I think might be a better description).

IMO chiropractic veterinarians are an underutilized resource for working dogs and there are a great many dogs like Calix whose drive gets them into situations that can create some serious misalignment. That same drive will also allow them ignore resulting pain and discomfort although it has long term effects on their performance and/or health. A peeve of mine is the explanation of "old age" for a dog's condition. While a dog's body gets less resilient and possibly more arthritic as they get older - old age is not a disease. There is still a specific explanation for discomfort and often chiropractic care can help with that discomfort.

Along with some great genetics I know without a doubt that Calix's continued good health is due in large part to his chiropractic care and thank the wonderful Dr Stephanie (http://dancingdragonanimalhealth.com/home.html) for helping him continue to make pictures like this possible:

Calix enjoying "retirement"!

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