Monday, August 22, 2011

Yngo's Legacy

My good friends Ann and Mike lost their beloved Yngo, who happens to be Steel's father, several days ago. Yngo was 12.5 years old, a good age for a rottweiler, but his passing is still heartbreaking. To say Yngo was an accomplished Rottweiler is an understatement, he achieved great things both in working as well as conformation and he was also the top producing Rottweiler in breed history.

Multi V-1, Sieger, Multi BISS Am/Can CH Yngo van het Dornedal

Yngo's real legacy however was his larger than life, fun loving personality. He placed an indelible stamp on practically all of his kids, passing on his love of big sticks, his desire to shake and kill toys, his love of a good enthusiastic back roll, his adoration of children and an enthusiasm for everything he did.

I often joke that Steels attitude has always been "every day is my birthday!" - having inherited more than his share of his dad's traits, he is the dog I work when I am in a bad mood, knowing I wont be that way for very long.
Today Steel seemed to be extra intent on channeling his dad, "helping" me by removing various items from my car while I was unpacking it. Failing to convince me to play with several soda bottles, a tracking glove and a plastic bag he then successfully retrieved a "wacky noodle" from what I thought was a inaccessible spot in the garage. In honor of his fun loving dad's memory I felt obligated to let him convince me to take time out of my busy schedule to enjoy a beautiful summer day and silly Yngo kid.

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