Monday, August 1, 2011

Welcome to my blog (hey that is original isn't it). The main purpose of this blog is for me to be a bit lazy - since I am moving about 1200 miles away from friends and family this allows me to stay connected with everyone without having to send each person individual emails and risk forgetting someone. So while it seems more impersonal (compared to getting an email from me) it actually isn't (compared to me intending to send said email but never getting around to it). In addition, as most of you might have suspected, I may on occasion have something to say about dog training....maybe....

As many of you know, I will be moving from Vermont to Mississippi in a few short weeks. In 2010 the United Health Foundation ranked Vermont as the #1 healthiest state in the country and Mississippi as #50. Talk about extremes. I did some research though and Jackson MS appears to have an active trail running club as well as a TON of geocaching sites ( so I think I will be okay for a few years. Not to mention that I will be teaching and training dogs full time which should hopefully make the move worth it or at least distract me from the food choices or lack thereof (think early 1990's mall food court selections...).

Still, it would be much easier to move from Vermont in the middle of winter when I am spending the entire day helping people extricate themselves from snowbanks rather right now when my backyard looks like this:

My hope is that the cool new job is going to make putting up with Mississippi heat and humidity bearable. However I am not sure that certain members of my house are going to agree and there might be a few dogs looking for the bus back to Canada. Please don't tell Jill that there is no snow in Mississippi....

"Where is Mississippi?"

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