Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Yesterday I spent some time packing and then took a quick shower before running some errands.While in the shower Jill and Calix were in the room formally known as my office while Steel had run of the house. All the dogs get along well but Steel can be a pest, even to me, so unless he can be supervised, we are all happier with this arrangement.

While in the shower I heard a lot of noise coming from what I thought was down the hall. I also noted that it was odd that Steel hadn't yet pushed the bathroom door open to pester me while I was in the shower. Without too much thought I yelled at him to stop whatever he was doing. This was followed by complete silence, odd since usually when doing things involving noise I end up being included in his out of control game of zooming around the house (which is a good thing because then I can ensure the safety of the sheetrock). After a delay he appeared in the bathroom to be nosy and pestering. Thinking nothing of it I finished getting ready and left to run my errands.

Later in the day I come to find out that the noise was in fact an earthquake, not Steel as I had initially thought.... LOL

Is it STEEL or is it a 5.6 EARTHQUAKE?


Does anyone feel the earth moving??

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